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For School 

  • Online Attendance - Here in this, the teacher can update the daily attendance of their class students which can be checked by the students or parents on a daily basis.
  • Daily timetable - The teacher can update the time table of a particular class so that the student can check their time table and pack their bags for the next day.
  • Date sheet - The teacher can update the exam dates and timings - class test, weekly test, monthly test, finals exams, or piratical exams so that students can check and prepare their exams. 
  • School Events - School can update their school events for the year so that all the students and parents will come to know about the events and other programs that are going to happen in the school.
  • Exams Results - Once the test/exams are over, students, as well as parents, wait for the results - Here the school will update all the exams result which is conducted in the school so that parents/ student will check and if they have any query they will ask for the same. 
  • Video Lectures Of School Teachers - School students can get video lectures from their subject teachers in their panel.

For Students 

  • Book Summary - In this section, one can read and understand the chapter in brief with the help of short and meaningful language with proper diagrams between the topic. 
  • Subject Notes - In this section, the school teacher send the notes or upload the notes in their panel, so that the student can read and learn whenever they want. 
  • Video Lectures - In this section, the student can get the video lectures of a particular topic and full chapter, so that they understand easily.
  • Test - In this section, the student can check their knowledge or preparation about the particular topic or chapter which helps in easy learning.
  • Assignments from school teachers - Students can also get the school assignment from the school teacher. 
  • Competitive Exams Preparation - Student can prepare for any of the competitive exams which they are going to give in the current year or in the coming years.
  • Online test series - Students can also give tests for the better preparation of their competitive exams.

For Parents 

  • Daily time table - In this section, parents can check the next day time table, so that the child pack their bag accordingly.
  • Exams dates - In this section, exams date and time will be mention, parents can check for the same. 
  • Exams result - In this section, parents can check the marks of their child exams, weekly exams, monthly exams, final exams, practical exams, class tests, etc. 
  • Daily Attendance - In this section, parents can check the attendance on a daily basis.  
  • Daily Home Work - In this section, parents can check the daily homework of their child.
  • Online Fee Deposit - In this section, parents can deposit school fees online by using Paytm, Credit, or Debit Card.