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The privacy policy of the bizzbrains is related to the use of the web/application on any of the platforms.

I, the CEO, on behalf of Bizzbrains request you to read the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the company before using the web/application.

Your registration with us – (paid/free) is very important to us, as you are accessing the assembled and customized data of the company. If you are using Bizzbrains it means that you fully agree with the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of the company.


The app/web needs some of the basic information when you download the application or login through web. When you login, you need to provide the basic information like- name, age, and gender, mobile, e-mail etc to get registered with the company.

Be assured that your information will not be transferred to anyone for the sake of money or for any profitable business.

The company may use your information while connecting with you to provide any type of information, notice, and update.


The application may/may not collect the basic information of your mobile/laptop/pc, ip address, device ip, unique device id etc. This type of information is used only for the security purpose.


Bizzbrains may connect with you with the help of SMS, E-MAIL or CALL directly to the authorized user.




Make sure that your Personal Information is correct and current. If you fill wrong information in your profile, it will provide a different way to access and change your profile from web/app. We adopt different security measures to protect your password from being exposed or disclosed to anyone.

Only in case of forgetting the password for its Application/Website Bizzbrains will have a right to reset the password for you with your approval/request.



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