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Teacher Module

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Automated System designed for complete task perform by Teachers

A Teacher Management System (TMS) is a component or module within a broader School Management System (SMS) designed to streamline and automate the administrative tasks related specifically to teachers.

The primary goal is to enhance the efficiency of teacher-related processes, improve communication between teachers and administrators, and provide tools for effective classroom management.

Teacher Profiles:

  • Create and manage individual profiles for each teacher.
  • Include personal information, qualifications, and contact details.

Class Scheduling:

  • Assign teachers to specific classes and subjects.
  • Create and manage class schedules.

Attendance Tracking:

  • Monitor teacher attendance.
  • Track leave requests and approvals.

Course and Subject Management:

  • Assign teachers to specific courses and subjects.
  • Manage the curriculum and instructional materials.


  • Facilitate communication between teachers, Student and parents
  • Provide messaging or notification systems for announcements.

Collaboration Tools:

Integration with collaborative tools for sharing resources, assignments, and feedback.

1. Timetable Management:

  • Provide tools to manage and view class timetables.

2. Document Management:

  • Store and organize documents related to teaching, such as lecture notes and presentations.

3. Leave Management:

  • Allow teachers to request leaves.
  • Provide a system for administrators to approve or deny leave requests.

4. Analytics and Reporting:

  • Generate reports on teacher performance, attendance, and other relevant metrics.

5. Security and Access Control:

  • Role-based access control to protect sensitive information.

6. Mobile Accessibility:

  • Access to important features and information through a mobile app.

Implementing a Teacher Management System can contribute to a more efficient and organized educational environment, improving the overall teaching and learning experience. It's essential to choose a system that aligns with the specific needs and workflows of the educational institution.


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